Our Summer Volunteer Program

Our Summer Volunteer Program is available for those who might find it difficult to make a weekly commitment during the rest of the year. This program is available to high school students ages 16 and older, college students and adults.

High school and college students often choose a summer volunteer opportunity at La Rabida to fulfill a community service requirement for school or to experience the health care environment.

The required commitment for summer volunteers is a minimum of four hours per week for 10 weeks, June through August. Volunteers must also have a health screen prior to the required orientation and will need to provide proof of a current tuberculosis test and immunizations. A flu shot may be required, depending on the status of influenza in the community. Note: No longer receiving applications for 2017.

With the exception of our feeder-rocker and tutoring programs, the same  are available to our summer volunteers.

To become a La Rabida volunteer, contact Volunteer Services or call 773.256.5985.

Thank you for your support of La Rabida.