Rehabilitative and Developmental Services

Each year LaRabida helps hundreds of developmentally and physically challenged children reach their fullest potential through comprehensive rehabilitative services for a variety of medical needs: 

Optimizing a Child's Potential
Offered on both an inpatient and outpatient basis, La Rabida rehabilitation programs help children accomplish the tasks of childhood such as playing, exploring, communicating, and completing tasks independently.  For children who have experienced disabilities from trauma and/or burns and/or severe exacerbation of a chronic illness, intensive inpatient rehabilitation is offered with a strong team approach.  Our aim: to be sensitive to each child's needs, maximizing his or her capabilities and potential recovery.
Our rehabilitation team is supported by a nurse, case manager, and social worker and includes:

  • A pediatric physiatrist (doctor specializing in childhood disabilities
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech/Language pathologists
  • Infant development specialists

We also work closely with referring hospitals and medical professionals to ensure a continuum of care and streamlined course of treatment.  This approach lets children and their families benefit from the full spectrum of rehabilitative care available to them.

All of La Rabida's therapists are credentialed to provide early intervention services, with birth to age 3 a strong area of expertise.  Therapy is delivered individually or in one or more group programs designed for specific needs and outcomes. The schedule of group programs varies by the overall needs of our patient population. Our pediatric physiatrist has outpatient clinics that address the medical needs of children with disabilities.

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