Intensive Rehabilitative Services

We also offer inpatient transitional care for children who need intensive rehabilitation. Headed by a physician board-certified in both pediatrics and physical medicine and rehabilitation, our team takes a developmental approach to providing multidisciplinary care.

The Interdisciplinary Team

  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation pediatrician
  • Physical therapists 
  • Occupational therapists 
  • Speech/language pathologists 
  • Infant development specialists 
  • Clinical nurse specialist
  • Psychologists 
  • Rehabilitation case manager

Rehabilitation Expertise

  • Cerebral palsy, post-orthopedic surgery 
  • Brain injury, both traumatic and non traumatic 
  • Burns 
  • Stroke 
  • Secondary conditions resulting from acute hospitalizations

Children with intensive rehabilitative needs require medical, psychological and rehabilitative care specifically geared to their future growth and development. Once the child has recovered from the acute phases of his or her condition, the road to recovery begins. Through long-term management, extensive rehabilitation and family education, La Rabida is uniquely positioned to help children and families make the transition from hospital to home.