Burn Rehabilitation

Child victims of burn injuries are among the most unrecognized and underserved survivors of psychological trauma. Burn injuries and their consequences are often emotionally overwhelming for young patients and present many physical challenges to the children and their families.

Aside from the physical trauma of the burn itself, children hospitalized for burn injuries face separation from their family, restricted mobility, chronic pain and general discomfort. Other problems include repeated exposure to painful medical procedures, physical disfigurement and coping with other changes or loss (for example, the death of a family member in the fire or the destruction of home or possessions).

La Rabida’s Burn Rehabilitation Program is the only one of its kind, and the only program in the Chicago area that includes psychologists as members of the multidisciplinary burn team. Our clinicians take an innovative team approach to the psychological care of burn patients.

Components of Our Approach

  • Immediate trauma-focused assessment
  • Psychological needs assessment
  • Pain management
  • Focused physical rehabilitative program customized to each child
  • Ongoing trauma-focused psychotherapy
  • Supportive family counseling
  • Multidisciplinary burn team rounds
  • Consultation to medical professionals involved in patient’s care


Because each patient is unique, the process varies from child to child. Nevertheless, the overall goals are the same for all burn patients: compliance with medical regimen; recovery of lost physical skills or adaptation to disabilities; minimization of distress during necessary medical and rehabilitation procedures; desensitization to trauma-related stimuli; integration of traumatic experience; and grief work.

Inpatient and outpatient services are available.

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