Our Customized Approach
Asthma and other respiratory conditions can be complex to treat. They call for an individualized approach to care that emphasizes prevention and long-term management along with the active participation of patient and family.

A Recognized Leader
La Rabida’s Asthma Center is widely recognized as a Chicago leader for treating children with asthma and other respiratory problems. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists represents a broad spectrum of training and skills in the medical, psychological, educational and rehabilitation aspects of asthma. This team includes pediatric allergists and immunologists, clinical nurse specialists, respiratory therapists, child psychologists, registered dietitians and social workers.

Advanced Laboratories
Our state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratories offer on-site pulmonary function testing, pH probe testing, allergy testing, and evaluation of other asthma-related problems. The pulmonary function lab is among the most advanced in the country.

For most patients, the first visit to La Rabida’s Asthma Center consists of an outpatient consultation. During this initial visit, team members evaluate your child's current pulmonary status, assess allergic status and triggering factors, and evaluate the current level of asthma control. In some cases, a complete evaluation entails a hospital admission. The purpose of the evaluation is to build a treatment plan that fits into your family’s daily routine and that can avoid future hospitalizations.

The asthma team works closely with you and your child to develop a written plan for long-term management and for dealing with crises. To ensure continuity of care, the team also provides your child’s referring physician with a detailed report of the visit and the management plan.
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For more information or to make a referral, contact La Rabida at 773.753.8626 or 8627.

For More Information
View the Asthma Information Sheet.