Sharonda Soars

Drug Exposed Ballerina Finds Her Natural Rhythm
Sharonda was born at just four pounds to a drug-addicted mother and put up for adoption. When she was able to leave the hospital where she was born, Sharonda’s adoptive mother Annie knew just where to take her: La Rabida.

Annie had brought her first child – Sharonda’s biological brother David, whom she’d also adopted – to La Rabida a year earlier. David also was born addicted to drugs. He underwent an intensive inpatient stay here that soon put him on the road to well-being. Sharonda was at even greater risk. With severe colic, digestive issues, breathing complications and hypersensitive skin, she had all the classic signs of a baby born into drug abuse.

As Annie said later “I knew we came to the right place” in choosing La Rabida, which offers comprehensive care for vulnerable babies like Sharonda. Our doctors and other clinical experts strengthened Sharonda’s lungs, boosted her weight and soothed her overactive nervous system with special medications.

It’s still amazing to consider the great strides Sharonda has made in a few short years. The restless girl who had trouble focusing has harnessed that energy into dance. This past Christmas Sharonda made her debut as the Russian doll at the Joffrey Ballet’s Nutcracker.


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