Miraculous Recover

Seven-year-old Recovers from Gunshot Head Wound
Last Christmas morning, seven-year-old Rayshon was celebrating with family when the house was riddled with gunfire. One of the bullets pierced little Rayshon’s head, the unintended victim of a senseless drive-by shooting.

After the bullet was removed at a nearby hospital and Rayshon was medically stable, he arrived at La Rabida paralyzed on his right side, with no speech or motor skills. He had to get nourishment through a feeding tube.

What happened next was nothing short of a “Christmas miracle,” as his doctor here put it. Under the dedicated care of our rehabilitation staff, in little more than a month’s time, Rayshon relearned how to walk and talk and feed himself!

For hours each day he worked with physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, nutritionists, psychologists – all under our doctors’ supervision.

We were so proud and touched to see Rayshon walk out our front door soon after and back to his life. Best of all - at least for this avid outfielder - Rayshon was soon back on the baseball field. In fact, the Chicago White Sox honored the young player in an evening he’ll never forget.

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