La Rabida Care Coordination

When Having Great Doctors...isn't enough

We work with providers and health plans to make sure children with special health care challenges can carry out their treatment plans and find the people, services and equipment they need.



We can help you:

• Understand your child's medical condition and the treatment for it

• Coordinate care among your child's providers and sort out conflicting advice

• Get access to community resources

• Help with scheduling appointments

• Work with your child's school

• Understand what to do if your child gets sick

• Arrange transportation to doctor’s appointments

• Identify anything else getting in the way of your child's progress and work with you to find a solution

We currently serve children with complex medical conditions in the following health plans:

• CountyCare

• Illinicare

If you are enrolled in one of these plans, and wish to be considered for enhanced coordination services, please contact your primary care provider (PCP) and your plan's Member Services office. (Check your Member Booklet or plan website for contact information.)

Si usted necesita esta información en español, favor de llamar a la línea de la enfermera, teléfono 1-773-650-5050.

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