Family Role
As caregivers, you play an important role in the successful diabetes management of your child. Your role should include the following:
• It is important to bring your child to all appointments, including regular three-month check-ups or more often as needed.

• If you cannot make your appointment, please call the appointment desk 800-770-2232 option 2 within 24 hours to cancel and reschedule. If you do not get a response within 2 days, please make a follow up phone call to the nurse at option 1.

• Closely supervise blood glucose testing, insulin shots, and other aspects of your child’s diabetes management plan.

Age is NOT an indicator for diabetes independence. Please talk with your provider if you feel your child is ready to take on more of the responsibility for his or her diabetes care.

• Call 800-770-2232 option 3 if your child has ketones, vomiting, or has a severe low blood glucose requiring glucagon.

• Communicate with your child’s school about their diabetes management plan. Our nurses and social workers are here to help you with this as needed.

We understand that having a child with diabetes can be stressful at times, but we are here to help make this as seamless as possible. Together, we will work to keep your child safe and healthy.


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Contact us at / 24-hr help line: 800.770.CCDC (2232)